Anniversary Reflections

It is that time of year again when I remind my husband that he has been married to me for yet another year and he shudders like a hyena hearing the name Mufasa!  Yes, he really does this but, I know that he is just kidding around.  At least, he better be!

We have been together for 29 years, married for 26.  Some days it does not seem like it has been that long and others, well, let’s say those years are more obvious.  Being married is no easy feat.  If you think about it, it requires the constant, 24/7 cooperation of 2 individuals that have their own thoughts, feelings, dreams, etc.  You can have similar interests and goals in life but, even then, meshing 2 different personalities together can be challenging.  If you also throw miniature humans in to the mix, that becomes a whole new ball game!

Each year, as we get closer to the bigger milestones, I reflect on our wedding and think about vow renewals.  Many couples renew their vows when they hit certain milestones; 10 years, 25, 50, but, the more I think about it, the more I am certain that we must really renew our vows every day.  We must wake up every day vowing to be an advocate for our marriage.  “To have and to hold, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…”  These are promises that both must make every day in order to have a healthy, happy relationship.  It is a partnership and requires the commitment of both parties, every day.  There will be times where one holds up the other in times of need but that is what you do.. “till death do you part”.

We were 18 and 19 when we met and began dating.  We got married, made several job changes, bought our very first new car, had a couple of kids, bought and sold our first house then bought another.  There has been laughter and joy as well as tears and sorrow.  Some days it was hard to make the commitment and others easy as pie (eating one, not making one).  Over the past 29 years many things in our lives have changed and many challenges have been met.  We look forward to the changes and challenges yet to come.  Together.  Forever.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!


What I Learned… a short message.

While hanging around in The Tower Theatre in Fresno after the Straight Outta Oz show, I learned a few things. 

First off, I learned that a little kindness can go a long way. Ok, I didn’t just learn that but it really came into play tonight as I got VIP access to the cast & crew without having a VIP ticket. It pays to smile & make friends with people.  Everyone I met the other day was genuinely excited to see that I was there again. Even more so that I came armed with printouts of our photos from after the Tuesday show.  They each very eagerly signed them for me and hung around to chat while security asked others to wait at the back of the theater. Their kindness is definitely going a long way with me. 

Having big hair can be a serious advantage. It really stands out and gets people’s attention and they remember it when they see it again. Every one of them commented on it earlier this week & when they noticed it again tonight, realized they remembered me. Many thanks to my folks for the blessing (& curse) of these curly locks!

Finally, I learned it is time. Time to get back on track. I have fallen so far off the track that it will be a hard trek just to find it, let alone getting back onto it. These pictures that I have are both awesome (for their content) & horrifying because I am in them in all my largeness. I’m still going to post them because they are great memories but, it is time. 

You are never too old to learn! 

Valentine’s Day, Every Day

Like many people, I enjoy holidays that have the prospect of presents.  I do not expect them but the anticipation can be thrilling.  Valentine’s  Day is one of those holidays.  Will I get a delivery?  What will it be?  Everywhere  you look, people, mostly women, are receiving such things as flowers, candies and in some cases jewelry.  Some men receive gifts as well but, I believe, that this holiday is predominantly aimed at women.  I believe that men feel an obligation to fulfill the expectation and are often making purchases that really have no meaning.  Not in my house.

In my house, Valentine’s Day is the most disliked holiday.  By my husband.  He does not like a holiday that tells him when, or how, to say that he loves me.  In one way or another, he does that every day.  If he sees something that I need, want or just thinks is “cool”, he will buy it.  In my house, it is Valentine’s Day, Christmas, my birthday, etc., all year round.  Case in point?  Today we picked up the new iPad Mini he bought for me.  Tomorrow, the case and surface protector will arrive.  Valentine’s gift?  Nope.  He bought me the iPad so that I would go back to reading more and the accessories, well, he just loves accessories.  Also, did I really need a 1980’s retro game station built into my coffee table?  Nope, but it is SUPER cool and I LOVE it.  If I mention that I need or want something…he has Amazon deliver it before I realize I even mentioned it.

Please do not think that all he does is buy me gifts to show his love.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Everything he does has me in mind.  Everything.  I know that sounds disgustingly sappy (and it is) but it is true.  There isn’t anything he would not do for me.  I like to tell people about the 2am trip he made to Nation’s Hamburgers when I was pregnant just because that was the craving of the moment.  Or how much he loves my family as much as he loves his own.  Even when he is tired, he always asks me if there is anything he can do for me.  The times that he has gone with me on one of my “fangirl” adventures, just so he could be with me, are numerous.  Not to mention being my own personal photographer at those events; capturing priceless memories for me.  Putting up with my level of crazy is no small task yet he rises to the challenge.  Every day.

But…come Sunday, there will not be any flowers, chocolates or jewelry and I don’t need them.  My point is this.  Holidays with gift giving are fun and can bring a highlight into your day.  But, when you have someone in your life that rejects being told when and how to love you because they want to do it all the time, they bring a highlight to your entire life.  It is my wish that everyone have, or find, that someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Spare Change Campaign 

I’m on a mission & am looking for your help. My husband is going on a motorcycle trip this Summer to the Arctic Circle. He will be on the road for 23 days & will cover approximately 6,000 miles in total. He is traveling light & super cheap. I bet him that I could save enough money just in spare change to fund his gas bill for the entire trip. Now, don’t get me wrong, he has budgeted for it so this bet is not a make or break deal; he is going, regardless, but I’d love to prove it can be done.  So far I have already saved more than 1/4 of his gas budget, just in coins. 

So, if you are local & would like to help me win this bet, I’d love to take pesky coins off your hands (do not spend money to send money). All coins are welcome; no penny discrimination here! 

The Day Before Tomorrow, But Not Today…


My wedding anniversary is the day before tomorrow, but is not today.  While you ponder that riddle for a moment, I will give you the mushy stuff.

My husband, Brian, and I have been together for almost 26 years; married for 23 of those. That is longer than many of you reading this have even been alive. Yes, this makes me feel old. However, it also makes me very proud. We have withstood many trials and tribulations over the years. They have been all of the same challenges that most people face. I can only think that we have managed to get through them all because we are perfectly matched. Yeah, I know that sounds sappy but it’s true. Mostly, though, I think we have managed all of these years because my husband is quite tolerant. He puts up with me like no one else could, or should, for that matter.

Brian is an incredibly generous man. When I say generous I do not mean just in material things, though he does love to give gifts, but, he is generous of heart. While he may not always think things through he always thinks of others. If someone even mentions that they need something or need something done, if it is within his means to get it or do it, he will. Without hesitation. It is this mindset that has kept us together. Not because he gives me things but because his generous heart has given me love and more importantly, forgiveness. He likes to tell people that I am crazy and that he is a crazy lover but I think he has that backwards. I’m pretty sure he is the crazy one for having married me. Who else in their right mind would go with their wife to a concert where they throw cake & another where you get confetti bombed?  Either way, I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have Brian as my husband.  We are not perfect but we are perfect for each other.

Happy Anniversary Brian! xo

To answer the riddle…my anniversary is February 29th.




“There are only two days in the year when nothing can be done.  One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and most importantly, live.” – Author Unknown

No truer words have been uttered.  While yesterday is gone, it still somehow tends to carry the weight of the world with it into today making it difficult to remember these words of wisdom.  Trying to remember that each day that we wake is a day to treasure can often be overshadowed by the dark clouds that creep into our lives.

Today…I will remember that I am loved; that I have the most understanding husband; two beautiful, healthy grown sons; a wonderful and loving family; friends from all over the world that care for me and support my kind of crazy (no easy task); a job to put a roof over our heads and food on our table (and a boss that let’s me keep that job)!

Even if you do not have the same things in your life that I have, please look around you, see what you do have, take a moment to appreciate them, know that you are worthy and deserving of the good things/people in your life and that they will help you overcome the tough times.


Not Entitled…A Soapbox Rant

I have just returned from one of my “famous” LA trips and the actions of some people I encountered on this trip have inspired this little soapbox rant

As a dedicated fan (of actors, singers, artists, etc.) it really pisses me off when another (so called) fan behaves in a way that is both rude and ridiculous.  The behavior can be summed up in one word…entitled.  A true fan should not behave as though the actor/actress, singer, etc, owes them something; anything for that matter.  Some might say  this is easy for me to say since I have had the opportunity to meet several celebrities.  I do not think that is the case.  I have had my fair share of “failed” attempts at meeting someone.  There have been several 10 hour round trip car rides (& 100’s of dollars spent) that have not resulted in my successful achievement of whatever that trip’s goal may have been.

I just spent 2 days in LA with a goal in mind of seeing the filming of one of my favorite shows and hoping that I might get to see one of my favorite actors and possibly get a photo.  That was MY goal.  Even though I drove 5 hours and I stood, or sat, outside the wall of the location they were filming at for 2 days (1 1/2, technically) neither of these 2 goals of mine happened.  Was I disappointed?  Sure.  Was I mad?  No.  What was there to be mad about?  Nothing.  Who would I be mad at? Nobody.  I spent the better part of 2 days hanging out with one of my best friends, made some new ones and generally had a good time.  The extras walked back and forth past us as their holding area was outside the wall and down the hill a bit as was their food area (aka craft services).  This allowed us to people watch and speculate as to what roles they were playing.  The security crew was awesome! They did not have to let us hang around the way we did but they allowed it because we were respectful of their rules and did not cause any trouble.  They chatted us up, took pictures with us and when I left was grabbed into a hug and wished a safe trip home.  The filming crew was awesome too!  One member sent out a case of ice cold waters knowing we were sitting out there in the 90+ degree weather (Thanks again, Joaquin!).  Another member invited us all to get lunch from their catering after the cast and crew had gone through.  I ask again, what was there to be mad about?

At the end of the first day, when filming had wrapped, there were 9 of us still hanging about hoping that the principle actor would make an appearance before leaving the premises.  They had all been at it for 13+ hours and it was getting late (I, personally, had been there for 9 of those hours).  I had made other plans for the evening and decided to leave.  Later I heard from my girlfriend that the actor came through in the vehicle that transports him and he did not stop but waved as they drove him through.  It was said the next day that he told his assistant that there were too many and that many of them were “regulars”.  This could very well be true.  If I had just put in that long of a day at work and wanted to get home, I probably wouldn’t stop to chat with someone I most likely ran into the week before at another location.

The next day, only my friend and I were hanging about the set for several hours before a couple of other fans showed up.  One that had been there the day before and a couple that had not.  On this day, they had moved everything, holding and craft services, to be within the confines of the wall.  This meant no people watching, no lunch invitations, etc.  This made the day a bit dull.  However, there was a lucky fan that got to spend the day on the set.  She, and one of the curators of this particular property, kept coming by to check on us.  They brought us water, news of what was happening on the set and even brought us call sheets.  Very sweet gestures!

Since I had a 5 hour drive home and had to be at work the next day, I had to leave even earlier than the day before.  Leaving my girlfriend behind I headed out. When I got home I found out that she had left shortly after.  However, one of the girls that was still there, and her girlfriend, stuck around in the hopes they would get to meet the elusive actor.  Apparently, this did not happen.  Cue same scenario from the night before where his vehicle did not stop as it left the premises.  Now, cue the entitled behavior.  Both girls took to Twitter (social media site) and started bashing the actor.  Called him names, tagged him in a message with the song “Rude” attached.  Yes, I am sure this will change his mind about stopping after a long hard day at WORK so that a spoiled rotten “fan” can get what they feel they are entitled to.

One more note: Yes, these people are in the entertainment business but that means that the job that they do is for entertainment, not to entertain us personally on our terms.  They are humans with a job to do.  They get tired, they need to sleep, eat & wind down before starting all over again the next day.  It is unfortunate that the entitled behavior exhibited by these individuals gives the rest of us a bad reputation and prevents other fans from the possibility of meeting someone they admire.

Rant over!